The Witch

Welcome to ⛥Spell and the Witch⛥ my own magickal corner of the internet.

My name is Poet Moonsong and I am an experienced practicing grey witch and intuitive empath.

My Craft is a combination of Druidry, Hoodoo, Modern Wicca, Paganism and Traditonal Witchcraft.

I work with candles, crystals, herbs, oracle, tarot and more.


When I’m not working on this website I can often be found sitting in my favourite spot in the garden at dawn or dusk with a mug of herbal tea as I enjoy the twinkling of fairy lights and the tinkling of windchimes.

Some of my favourite things are Harry Potter (I’m a proud Ravenclaw) reading true crime books and watching paranormal TV shows.


To find out more about me you may wish to read my first Book Of Shadows entry: Witchcraft Diaries | Who Am I?


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