I am often asked questions both in real life and on social media about my witchly life so I thought it might be helpful to try and answer some of them here:


Q1. Is Poet Moonsong your real name?

A. Most witches have a Craft name and Poet Moonsong is mine.  After studying the Craft for awhile, I decided I wanted to choose a name for myself that really fit and Poet Moonsong came to me during meditation.  Not all witches choose to use a Craft name and it is by no means necessary but I like to as for me it’s a way of separating the different aspects of myself.


Q2. Are you Pagan or Wiccan and what kind of witchcraft do you practice?

A. I’m an eclectic grey witch; meaning I don’t identify as any one particular ‘type’ or follow one specific path.  I borrow different aspects from Druidry, Hoodoo, Modern Wicca, Paganism and Traditional Witchcraft to form my own personal spirituality and I practice a combination of green, hearth, hedge and lunar witchcraft and more besides.  One of the best things about witchcraft is that this is perfectly acceptable.  It is a personal journey where there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of practicing.


Q3. What does it mean to be a ‘grey witch’?

A. A grey witch is someone who practices both light and dark magick.


Q4. Do you worship the Devil?

A. No.  I practice dark magick in the sense that I will defend myself and protect those I care about through the use of mild curses, hexes and jinxes but I do not believe in nor do I worship the Devil or any other form of malevolent or dark entity.  I do not perform any spells or rituals associated with the dark arts such as sacrificial rites or demon summoning etc.


Q5. Are you part of a coven?

A. I am a solitary witch preferring to practice alone.


I will add more to this Q&A soon so do check back regularly.